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There are many Jain tirtha (pilgrimage sites) throughout India.

Northern India Uttar Pradesh

  • Hastinapur, holy destination comprising of a collection of temples and pilgrimage locations

Eastern India Jharkhand

Western India Gujarat



Central India

Southern India Karnataka



  • sector-4, Gurgaon, shri Shantinath jain Swetambar Temple/Mandir
    Pratishted in 1995, The temple is run by Shree Atamnand jain shwetambar shee sangh sector-4, Gurgaon.

The moolnayak bhagwaan of the temple/mandir is shri Shantinath Bhagwaan. The other gods in the temple are lord Valabh Parashnath,lord Mahavir , Padmawati mata, Sarawati mata and lord Manibhadrveer.

The Mandir/temple also has a paasara which has a hall which can fit 200 people accompanied by 3-4 rooms.The temple compound also housed a charitable homeopathic dispensary with a qualified doctor.

shri Shantinath jain Swetambar Temple/Mandir Sector 4, Gurgaon - 122001 Haryana India



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