JIWO Women's wing of JITO


 JIWO President






It is a great privilege to lead the Jain International Women’s Organisation as the President.  I am grateful to Maharajsaheb Naypadmasagarji and Sadhviji Mainasuriji who have reposed faith and confidence in me to handle this responsibility.   My sincere thanks to JITO President – Mr. Hemant Shah and his team for giving JIWO the excellent support, in all aspects (including finance etc.), which will take JIWO to greater heights.  I wish to express my gratitude to my JIWO members who are supporting me wholeheartedly. 


Jain community is one of the most successful communities in all aspects and in all businesses, for centuries.  The time has come for us to empower our women of all age groups to achieve their goals in life at every stage.  Women who have been the backbone of our families and who have upheld our community values of tradition for many decades, now need to come together on a common platform to make the community stronger and powerful.  For this, JIWO shall provide the platform to bring all the women together to provide them with an opportunity to prove their strength and confidence.


JIWO is in the process of opening chapters throughout India and in other countries too. The membership is open to all Jain women. It shall be my mission to get every Jain woman to be a part of this great organization. With each one’s total commitment, we will make JIWO a strong organization.


As the President, it is necessary to outline my objectives and mission so that each Jain woman can help me to achieve the tasks I have set out to achieve.


SHIKSHA & SANSKAR   - In the year 2009 our focus will be on Girl Child Education.  For this, we will provide hostel facilities for girls and will offer the maximum support for their education in form of scholarships, all-round development, vocational classes and also help them in getting good placements.


SURAKSHA   -   Plans are being done to organize various sessions on Self defence for women, make women aware of the laws stating the Rights of women, counseling for women by eminent speakers and so on


Swawalamban   one of the objectives of JIWO can be achieved with our Micro finance and Griha Udyog schemes.  For those enterprising women members who are already into the competitive field or business – right from Doctors to Boutique owners, we plan to hold regular seminars and B2B meetings to exchange ideas in their respective fields.


SEWA   another JIWO objective – JIWO will organize free health check-ups at major hospitals, for our members.  Medical camps will be arranged where members could avail of expert help.  Marriage bureaus    will be organized as well as lectures on spiritual subjects, yoga meditation, personal development, public speaking classes, computer classes, English speaking classes and so on.


The five “S”   (Shiksha, Sanskar, Suraksha, Swawalamban and Seva) when taken care of will help women to project the talents hidden in each of them which in turn will help them to grow and improve the community.


I shall leave no stone unturned to reach out to Jain women in need. I cherish the support from every member.

Thank you,

Chanda S. Runwal

President - JIWO